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The editor welcomes queries from readers and will print them in upcoming issues of The Harrison Heritage News as space permits.


This page serves as an archives for those queries which have been published in past issues of The Harrison Heritage News.


The queries are listed below in the order in which they were published.  The month and year of publication are given in parentheses at the end of each query.  Please be aware that the e-mail links cited may no longer function, given the age of some queries.  Notes which appear in brackets in some queries are comments by William A. Penn, editor of The Harrison Heritage News.


Click on the links to view the queries submitted which include the following surnames:

Please come back often to this page to review the latest genealogical queries!






Anyone having information on a John Powell who married Elizabeth Louderbach in March of 1818 in Harrison County or know of their children please contact me. Does anyone know if the Harrison County court house has birth records as far back as 1819?


Contact Frank Deffes, 33 W. Imperial Dr., Harahan, La. 70123 or via e-mail at  (Published May, 2001)







Seeking information on Harrison County Lair family and Lair farm [“The Cedars.”] Writer has Lair farm photo.


Contact Virginia See, P. O. Box 217, Mexico, Indiana 46958.  (Published April, 2002)





My ancestors were Confederate and they emigrated from Texas to the American settlement of Santa Barbara, Brazil, South America, in 1867.  Samuel Smith Crisp was my two-great-grandfather’s brother and I am told that Samuel was shot and he died fighting in the Civil War, near Cynthiana, Kentucky, on July 18, 1863 [1862?].  My two-great-grandfather Richard C. Crisp was also fighting there.  Both of them enlisted into the Company F of the Eighth Confederate Regiment Texas Cavalry, though they also served in Company B.  I have read that there were two battles of Cynthiana, therefore Samuel may have died on July 18, 1862, not 1863.  Writer is seeking any information about Samuel and Richard Crisp in Cynthiana, including any records of their service there, or of the burial site of Samuel Crisp, and information on the Battle of Cynthiana in July 1862. [Note: the editor is sending information on the Battle of Cynthiana in 1862 to the writer, but does not have any other information.]


Contact Adilson Luiz Battaglia Crisp, Rua do Rosario, 532, apt. 41-Centro, 13400-183-Piracicaba-SP., Brazil.  (Published April, 2002)







Seeking information on Lyna Whitledge, Thomas Whitledge, and Susana (Whitledge) Humphrey.  Their guardian was Francis Callis[or Calliz] who gave them room, board and taught them a trade.  I have many of their letters and journals starting in 1789-1850.  Deposition from Sally Todd in Whitledge heirs vs Francis Callis at Bourbon County Circuit Court in 1803.  Also mentioned in the collection are: John Humphrey, Peggy Collins, William Boswell, George Scrogin, James Ford, Charles William’s Tavern in Bourbon Co., Ky., William Simpson’s Tavern, William Cogswek’s Tavern in Harrison Co., Ky., Roland T. Parker’s Tavern, Clarksburg, in Lewis Co., James P. Wilson, Thomas Whitledge Day Books 1809-1820.  Lyna Whitledge wrote abut his wife and  a slave girl who spun thread out of flax and combined with blue yarn for clothes for the winter (1803).  Places mentioned: Paris, Leesburgh, Bourbon County, Harrison County, Lewis County. Additional information is wanted on the names and places mentioned.


Contact John R. Mudd,  103 Hickory Drive, Hermann, Mo.  65041 or via e-mail at  (Published April, 2002)






Seeking parents of Abner B. King, born Harrison Co. 1828, died Bracken Co.; married in 1853 to Lydia Nelson Jackson.


Contact Virginia King Rusk via email at  (Published June, 2002)





I am researching Herman H. Miller, 1839-1899. Wife, Rebecca Jane Martin or Nancy Martin (sisters or cousins).  He was thought to have been shot by Taylor Meyers in Berry or Morgan, Ky.


Contact Pam Strausbaugh via e-mail at  (Published August & September, 2002)





I am seeking information of Lloyd Penn (died July 1863), married to Mary Ann Core (died 1852).


Contact Daniel Ray Evans via e-mail at  (Published August & September, 2002)





I am looking for information on James McKee, who purchased 208.5 acres in Harrison Co. from John McDougal in 1800, and sold the last parcel, 78.5 acres to John Clifford in 1835. James was brother to William and David McKee; the three bought adjoining parcels in 1800. Have information on William and David McKee lines, but need information of James, his wife and descendants.


Contact David R. Hoffman, PO 247, Harrisburg, PA 17108 or via e-mail at  (Published November, 2002)






I am looking for information on Conley or Bell family of Cynthiana, Ky. Josephine Conley md. Peter Hill and lived in Shelby/Rush Co., Ind. area. Her mother may have md. to two different Conley brothers and later to Bell (Wm.?) Josephine’s brother; Julius and two sisters - one sister md. to doctor, son Gussie and twin daughters.


Contact Katrina Cooper, 10019 Gate Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46239 or via e-mail at  (Published November, 2002)







I am seeking any information on Leon Wills, a W. W. II veteran who died July 21, 1982 (born Nicholas Co., KY?).  His father was Clarence T. Wills and  mother was Edna Harney (born in Harrison County, KY.).


No contact given.  (Published January, 2003)







My Fisher ancestors are from Berry or Robinson Station, Kentucky. We have seen the names of Samuel Porter Fisher and his wife Sarah Banfield Fisher in the charter book of the Robinson Station Christian Church. It documents when Samuel joined the church and when he and Sarah headed to Missouri in a covered wagon with their children. We have lost them after that. Family tradition says Samuel and Sarah died and the children came to live with Prudence and Josh King in Midway, Kentucky. Their son, Henry is my great grandfather. Would anyone have any information on Samuel and Sarah...We do know they were married in Harrison County.


Contact Donna Jo (Fisher) Forman, 414 Mill Road Place, Midway, Ky., 40347 or via e-mail at  (Published November, 2003)








Greenup Remington married Elizabeth A. Clay (May 03, 1805 - May 15, 1884), about March 03, 1834 in Harrison County, KY, after the death of his 1st wife Sarah Hamilton. I am interested in obtaining Elizabeth's parent's names and her place of birth. I have much information of the Remington Family.


Contact  (Published March, 2004)





I have been searching for information on both my great-grandfather William Clarence Lydick, a druggist in Cynthiana, and great-great-grandfather, Stephen Thaddeus Lydick. I would appreciate any help or direction from readers who could point me toward information about these family members. I live in California so have not been able to visit Harrison County first hand.


Contact Sandra via e-mail at  (Published May, 2004)






My father, Theodore Burton Ayres was born in 1913 in Cincinnati, but grew up in Cythiana. He was the son of Harley Durham Ayres and Edith Ong. I visited Cynthiana once or twice in the 1960's, when I was about eight years old. I remember catching fireflies; something I'd never seen before in California. I don't remember the street name that they lived on, but I seem to remember it being very close to a library. I would love any information about Cynthiana in the early 1900s, or anything about my Ayres family. I think it was Church Street they lived on. They lived there in the 1930's and I think they lived in the same house for many, many years.


Contact Katherine Ayres, 2135 Lakewood Dr., Prescott, AZ 86301 or via e-mail at  (Published June, 2004)






Seeking information about James Nicholson, cabinetmaker and chair maker, who lived near Leesburg in 1830, as well as his son John Quincy Nicholson (married to Mary Fanny Fightmaster) who was a farmer in District 106 of Harrison Co., Ky., in 1880.


Please respond to Christopher Grote, 620 Franklin St., Hinsdale, IL 60521 or via e-mail at  (Published November, 2004)







I am looking for information about my family. My great grandmother was Pauline Baltzell McNees Fison. She was born in 1854 and died in 1916. Her father was Dr. William T. McNees , who I believe was a physician in the Civil War. Pauline is buried in the Battle Grove Cemetery in Cynthiana, Kentucky. I have learned from family letters that she attended school in Berry. Pauline married Rev. Sherwood Fison in 1877. I would appreciate any additional information readers might be able to provide.


Contact Susan Fison of Anchorage, Alaska via e-mail at  (Published January, 2005)




Daniel LETT to Rebecca CARSON in October of 1818

The first couple are my third great-grandparents, and I am trying desperately to learn more about both of their families. I am hoping that I can find the full marriage records, such as bonds and licenses, to learn more about their collateral families. I would also be interested in any wills that might be available for the period, as well as militia records, tax records, other land records, etc.


Contact Sherri Abromavage, 1836 East Park Place, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 or via e-mail at  (Published January, 2005)





I am researching the Musser family. My great-great grandfather was Caleb Musser, the son of Daniel Musser. My great grndfather was the son of Caleb and his second wife, Louella Hurst.  My understanding of his history is that he left his first wife Laura Cook and went to Missouri where he married Louella. I would appreciate any help provided.


Contact Cindy Conard via e-mail at  (Published April, 2005)




Early Harrison County Tombstone—Mary Hampton, 1747-1804

On the former W. O. Penn farm, about one mile south of Renaker on the Renaker-Rutland Pike, was found in the 1960s a tombstone in an old Barnes family cemetery, marked: “Oc.9, 1804, HEAR LYES MARY HAMPTON AGED 57.” She would have thus been born in 1747. Can anyone identify this person?


Contact Bill Penn, 423 Mill Road, Midway, KY 40347 or via e-mail at  (Published July, 2005)






I am trying to piece together information regarding Rhonda Long. From what I understand she was the daughter of Mary Conway and John W. Long. B. 29 Jul 1779. I have found information stating that she was taken captive along with her parents at Ruddle’s Station. She must have been about a year old, and that she would be the grand daughter of John Conway, Sr. and Elizabeth Bridgewater Conway. I find lots of interesting information regarding John & Elizabeth Conway, including a list of children, but Mary is not listed. Is it because she was married at the time of the raid? I would like to know more about Rhonda and her parents. My decadency: John Conway-Elizabeth Bridgewater/Mary Conway-John Long/Rhonda Long-Robert Ground/John Ground-Elizabeth Ann Doty/Margaret Ground-Joseph Fildes/Delilah Wiley-Jesse Fildes/Bessie Kerfoot-Emile Fildes/Wanda Fildes-Eddie Stachura/Toni Stachura-Paul Peterson.


Contact Toni Peterson via e-mail at  (Published August, 2005)





I am trying to find the father of my ancestor, William Henry Ruddell, b. 1805 TN, d. 1859, KY. I have found information that shows William’s parents were Stephen and Sarah Ruddell.  Anyone have any information on which Stephen and Sarah Ruddell could be William’s father? If I can find a connection between William, Stephen and Isaac, or one of the brothers, then perhaps I may be connected to Ruddle's Fort.


Contact Janette Birch via e-mail at  (Published August, 2005)





I am seeking any information on the family of Andrew Baker listed on the roster of men at Ruddle’s Station. Does anyone have knowledge of his service and what happened to him? Also seeking information as to the area where these men in Ruddle's Station came from. Be glad to share any information that I have on the Baker family.


Contact Sherry Lynn Baker Frazier, President, Owsley County History & Genealogy Society (  (Published August, 2005)


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